About Us

Our priority is to meet local mental health needs by providing counselling services, including mental health consultations, individual, family and couples’ therapy, along with providing group therapy options.

Honestly, you might not even know what to talk about, or what the problem is, and that’s okay too.

Courage & Strength

Bringing healing into people’s lives

Counselling can help people build courage in a number of ways.

Our Mission & Values

To welcome people with a commitment to respect each person’s individuality and self-expression

To empower people on their life journey

Our Principles



Inclusive, non-judgmental care and services.
Respecting difference. Promoting safety and trust.



Fostering a safe space for people to be a part of, where they feel supported to tell their story.



Helping people to understand how they can better navigate their own recovery, engage in meaningful activities and build positive connections.

We can help, if you

Are feeling down, stressed or can’t stop worrying
Experiencing anger, anxiety, irritability or mood swings
Don’t feel like yourself
Having trouble concentrating, or focusing on work or school
Are having difficulty in relationships, separated or divorced
Need someone to talk to
Are worried about what’s happening in your life, and want to make changes

How to make an appointment?

Well, it’s really easy. Just get in touch and ask to see someone. We’ll book you a consultation appointment.