The truth is, recovery takes time. At different times in life, you become ready to strengthen your healing. The tools and support you need to allow yourself to be more present in your life, we have for you.

This program is designed to provide holistic and strength based approaches to therapy and recovery education for adults (19 years and older) who have experienced early childhood trauma. It uses therapeutic tools from CBT, DBT and mindfulness practices.


Phase One - Healing Essentials

The Program

Healing Essentials will teach you essential skills to help you understand how early experiences and symptoms of trauma may be impacting your every day life.

This phase of recovery is designed to give you practical skills to help you manage emotions, unhelpful behaviours and thoughts, and improve relationships.

By building on what you know, and learning new skills to take your life in new directions, you’ll be given therapeutic tools and insights that when you use them, you can begin to make positive changes and bring more healing into your life.

Additional Information

Commitment:   2 hour group sessions for 9 weeks or 1 hour sessions completed within individual sessions for 10-12 weeks

The HEALING ESSENTIALS PROGRAM is to be completed by all participants that are interested in a trauma recovery program.

Once the HEALING ESSENTIALS PROGRAM is completed, participants will have the opportunity to move into phase two, the HEALING PATH PROGRAM if they choose. The HEALING ESSENTIALS PROGRAM teaches foundational skills that are necessary for personal recovery themes to be addressed in phase two.

Phase Two - Healing Path

At this phase of the program, individuals are encouraged to continue to practice HEALING ESSENTIALS skills daily, while looking at their present day life and relationships.

COMMITMENT: 2 hour group sessions for 10 weeks or

1 hour sessions completed within individual sessions for 12 weeks

How to become involved:

Self referrals are accepted.

Initial consultations are required by all who wish to participate in counselling and programming.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.


First consultations and individual therapy sessions are $150 / 1 hour. Group therapy sessions are $80 for 2 hours.

You may want to ask your private health insurance provider if you receive benefits towards clinical social work / psychotherapy services.

Full payment is required at the time of the appointment.

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