We offer counselling services for youth, adults, families and couples.

We truly respect each person’s individual strengths, knowledge and skills that got them where they are today.  And, through a model of best practice, we aim to ensure all participants feel comfortable as they talk about what’s been going on and share their concerns.

Therapeutic approaches include cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness based therapy, motivational, solution focused strategies and interpersonal / behavioural therapy.


We provide mental health support for:

Addiction Recovery and Aftercare
Stress Management
Low Self Esteem
Grief and Loss
Relationship Challenges
Other Mental Health related issues

Safe, warm and welcoming therapeutic environments

Our services and care uphold privacy and confidentiality. 

  • Consultations
  • Individual, Couples and Family Counselling
  • Group Therapy – an effective treatment program for learning foundational recovery skills.
  • Specialized treatment program for trauma recovery

Note: All therapy sessions and groups are facilitated by clinical social workers trained in psychotherapy, trauma and mental health recovery and wellness.

Trauma Recovery Program

Strengthening the courage within.